I use Linux

here's a picture of me from my unfocused cpia usb cam, captured with Linux I use, program for, and admin Linux.  Linux is a free version of Unix that runs efficiently on a wide range of hardware, including basically all commodity Intel x86 hardware, from 386's to quad Xeon's, as well as higher-performance processors such as Sparc and Alphas.  Linux is an Open Source project, a logical extension of the transparency which makes Unix such a powerful and easy-to-use system.

I am a scientific programmer.  For several years, I've been working on analysis and visualization tools for fMRI and ERP.  I do my programming in C++, using Xlib for Unix systems.  My current projects and interests include:

I enjoy living in Hamilton, Ontario, Canada, with Judith Shedden, my wonderful wife and a professor at McMaster. We share three perfect black cats in a nice house, enjoy cooking, wine, X Files and our cable modem.